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2022 Admissions Explained

Welcome! We are excited to be looking toward our inaugural year at Coastal Waters in 2022-23, and we hope that you share that excitement, too! Though it may seem far away still, there is much preparation that goes into the admissions process, and this update will outline what that will look like for you.

Although Coastal Waters won't officially open its doors until September 2022, our enrollment process has begun!  Here are some points to keep in mind, especially if you are new to charter schools:

1. Kindergarten will have a maximum of 20 students, Grade 1-12 are full at 25 students.

2. Our first year (2022-23) will be Kindergarten through 12th grade.

3. NH residents are given priority, but out-of-state students may apply.

4. If we receive more applications than we have room for in a particular class, students will be chosen by lottery, with the remaining names placed on a waiting list. (this is a general description of the process, please reach out if you have specific questions)

First, and perhaps the most important, our student information system (SchoolCues) is up and running. This system is how we collect and maintain student data, communications, and other important functions which you will hear more about as we continue through the admissions interest process. Below are the steps you need to know now:

1. Click on "Enrollment Interest" if you have not done so already. This is important, even if you have already contacted us via email or the "Get In Touch" button. It is quick and easy, but it has to be done for each child, even if they are part of the same family. This officially puts their information in SchoolCues and ensures that they are considered for admission when that opens.  You should receive a confirmation email from SchoolCues, but for some people these go to a junk mail folder, so feel free to contact us if you look around and don't see one.

2. We will continue collecting interest for enrollment. enrollment is open and we continue to accept interest. Our lottery process for this year was completed on February 18th. All enrollment inquiries now will either be directly place in a class, if there is space, or placed on a waiting list, if the class is full.

Our lottery process for this year was to have an open enrollment period from January 15th through February 15th, at which point we looked at each grade and determined whether we needed to hold a lottery, or if we had enough spaces to accommodate all interested students.

3. All lotteries were held Friday, February 18th.

4. Families were notified of acceptance or their place on the wait-list by Wednesday, February 22nd.

5. We asked for a commitment to attend by Monday, February 28th, and contracts will be sent to complete the enrollment process.

Please remember that submitting your student for enrollment interest does not require you to accept. Once you are notified of your accepted status, then you will make your final decision and complete your enrollment paperwork. This website and social media sites are still the best way to stay current on school news and events, though our newsletter - The Tides - is emailed as well for monthly overviews. We welcome questions at any time, and have plenty of opportunities to get involved by volunteering on committees or joining our Board of Directors. These are great ways to get to know our school better and build connections with other families. Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to meeting you as the year goes on!

Short Timeline Version for 2022-2023 School Year:

February 15th: open enrollment ends

February 18th: all lotteries are held

February 22nd: families are notified

February 28th: commitment deadline

After February 28th: rolling admissions for any available spaces

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