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2021 Coastal Waters Artisan Marketplace

“Joy in living, a love for all existence - such are among the life long results of a right cultivation of the feeling for beauty and art”  ~Rudolf Steiner

At Coastal Waters we believe in supporting local artisans, and sharing the beauty and light they bring to the world with all of you.  So make yourself a cup of tea, get cozy, and take a stroll through the featured artists in our winter Artisan Marketplace.  From here you’ll be able to visit their shops to see all that they offer, and support local art - all from the comfort of your own home.  Be sure to tell them we sent you!

Wishing you peace and joy as you celebrate the winter season.
The Coastal Waters Team

Baby B Handmade Product

Baby B Handmade Product offers beautiful wooden baby and toddler toys intended to encourage open ended play, and spark the imagination of little ones!  All products are made with love in N.H.

"I pride myself in making handmade wooden products that are made with love so your children can enjoy safe, fun play time at home.  My products will spark creativity, imagination, strengthen motor skills, teach patience, concentration, focus and provide hours of FUN while learning! All products are made from quality wood from a local lumberyard.  I believe in learning through play and keeping life simple and enjoyable!" ~ Katie

Baby B Balancing Stones.jpg
Baby B Tree.jpg
Baby B - Rainbow.jpg

Jelenas Workshop

Jelenas Workshop offers Waldorf-inspired felted play mats, gnomes, animals, dolls, toys, and fairies crafted with joy in Lyme, N.H.

"My work is inspired by nature and fairy tales and made for imaginary play. The main techniques I use are needle felting and wet felting, often combined. It usually takes me several hours to finish one of my carefully crafted pieces, and much attention is put into the details. I am self-taught, and I am continuously enjoying experimenting and learning!" ~ Jelena

Jelenas Gnome.jpg
Jelenas Fox.jpg
Jelenas - Collecting Eggs.png

Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps

Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps offers a growing collection of all-natural products to provide comfort and calm throughout the body by soothing aches and pains, relieving tension and stress and supporting deep relaxation. From their deluxe, full body wraps to handheld fidgets, you’ll find the perfect product for your needs at Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps. All products are handmade with love in N.H!

Parker Mountain - Deluxe Wrap.png
Parker Mountain - Fidget.jpg
Parker Mountain - Heart of Hope.jpg

Pine Yard Chair

Pine Yard Chair offers fun, colorful chairs, rockers, whirligigs, birdhouses, bee condos, bat houses, and butterfly houses - all made from solid northern Maine white cedar, in Eliot, Maine!

Pine Yard Chairs - Bird Houses.jpg
Pine Yard Chair - Colorful Chairs.jpg
Pine Yard Chairs - Butterfly Houses.jpg

Northern Possessions

Northern Possessions offers beautiful handmade ceramic pieces, and fused glass jewelry and ornaments.  Many of the pieces are inspired by the beauty of nature’s designs all around us.  Each lovely piece is made by the artisan in her NH studio.

Northern Possession - Pinecone Mug.jpg
Northern Possession - Glass Necklace.jpg
Northern Possessions - Star.png

Meraki by Jaynah

Meraki by Jaynah offers handmade leather and gemstone jewelry with a minimalistic, boho, hippie vibe - all made in Swanzey, NH.  A portion of all proceeds go towards helping shelter pups!

Meraki by Jaynah - Bead Bracelet.jpg
Meraki by Jaynah - Earrings.jpg
Meraki by Jaynah - Leather Bracelet.jpg

Cupcake Cards and Co.

Cupcake Cards and Co. offers unique, sentimental, cute, and funny bracelets on cards to celebrate the special people in your life.  What could be sweeter than matching bracelets for you and your daughter, or you and your husband, or for a group of best friends?!  These bracelets are the perfect gift to let that special person know how grateful you are to have them in your life!  All bracelets are handmade in Concord, N.H.

Cupcake Cards - Favorite Human.jpg
Cupcake Cards - Friendship.jpg
Cupcake Cards - You Are My She.jpg

New Hampshire Nature

New Hampshire Nature offers natural rustic decor and natural craft supplies such as birch bark, acorns, pinecones and more for crafters who are also inspired by nature!

"Nature inspires us to create! I enjoy collecting birch bark, wood, lichen and fungi from naturally fallen trees on my mountainside woodlot. I seasonally harvest acorns, nuts and pinecones and other natural objects I find in the forest. I use these natural elements to create my own crafts. I also sell my products to people who are looking to create their own art from nature." ~ Patty

New Hampshire Nature - Hearts.jpg
New Hampshire Nature - Buttons.jpg
New Hampshire Nature - Bears.jpg

White Line Cards

White Line Cards offers handmade white line woodcut prints on note cards and playing cards.
Devised by Provincetown artists in the early 1900’s, the white-line method involves incising a woodblock with a design, hand-painting each shape on the block, and transferring color to paper using a handheld baren. My prints are editioned multis done one at a time and are subtly unique in coloring.  I love offering cards with images of my white line woodcut prints, all handmade in Jaffrey, NH.

White Line Cards - Argonaut.jpg
White Line Cards - Sunshine Shells.jpg
White Line Card - Oysters.jpg

Terra Sea Designs

Terra Sea Designs offers handmade creations & gifts, including jewelry and fun decals, all inspired by New England's abundant nature & beautiful coastlines.  All products are made in N.H.

Terra Sea Designs - Mountain.jpg
Terra Sea Designs - Earrings.jpg
Terra Sea Designs - Rock Necklace.jpg

Miles Handmade Crafts

Miles Handmade Crafts offers crocheted cat toys filled with catnip, homegrown in N.H.!

"My cat toys are stuffed with a homegrown blend of four varieties of catnip. I grow and dry Nepeta Cataria/Catnip, Nepeta Faassenil/Persian Blue, Nepeta X Faassenii/Walkers Low and Nepeta Mussinii/Catmint, giving your cats the freshest toy experience possible!" ~ Denise

MilesHandmade Crafts - Acorn.jpg
MilesHandmade Crafts - Ornaments.jpg
MilesHandmade Crafts - Cup Sleeve.jpg

Great Island Soap Co.

Great Island Soap Co. offers natural soaps made of  organic gold label coconut oil, organic sustainably sourced palm oil, olive oil pomace, essential oils, natural colorants, and natural botanicals.  The artisan creates these lovely soaps in her workshop on the NH seacoast!

Great Island Soap - Grapefruit & Orange.jpg
Great Island Soap - Sunshine Soap.jpg
Great Island Soap - Unscented.jpg

Betsy Heron Design

Betsy Heron offers notecards and prints primarily of animals, and screen-printed clothing with messages about kindness.  "I take inspiration from nature for my art; walking through the woods around my home is one of my favorite things. I hope you find something to love in my shop. Thank you!" ~Betsy

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