Board of Trustees

Dedicated Community

We’re proud to present our amazing Board of Trustees. Their care, enthusiasm and dedication to helping students exceed has brought Coastal Waters Chartered Public School from concept to reality. We invite you to take a moment to read their stories below.


Bill Libby

Board Chair and Treasurer

Bill is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over twenty years of strategic and operational accounting and business experience across a variety of industries – public accounting, marketing, manufacturing, telecommunications, education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. He has experience auditing, consulting, and managing grade schools, universities, and tech schools in Maine and New Hampshire. He is currently the CFO and COO of a social services non-profit organization in Portland, Maine that serves people in recovery. His previous experience on the Board of Directors, consulting, and management for other non-profit organizations provides the needed financial and administrative operational insight required for the successful set-up and operations of the school.

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Jasmine Proctor

Board Vice-Chair

Jasmine is a Waldorf graduate who attended both Pine Hill and High Mowing School in Wilton, NH.  She is an experienced Waldorf Handwork teacher, and a parent of two Waldorf students.  She graduated from UNH with a BA in Natural Resource Economics and Environmental Conservation.  For many years she sat on the Board of Directors of a private Waldorf school in Maine, where she taught as well as held the role of Chair of Development in charge of fundraising and event planning; she has also worked in the marketing world.  Her vision of a free public Waldorf school is becoming a reality thanks to the enthusiasm, hard work, and experience of her fellow Development Team members.

Jasmine is the Chair of the Fundraising and Development Committee. If you are interested in supporting our Fundraising or Development efforts, please contact Jasmine.


Emily Hinnov

Board Member - Secretary

Emily M. Hinnov is a Waldorf parent with a PhD in English Literature from the University of New Hampshire. She has taught at the undergraduate level for many years on a variety of humanities-related subjects, to include: women’s literature, film studies, college writing, an internship in the humanities, transatlantic literary modernism, and British Literature from Beowulf to Virginia Woolf. Emily  is currently an English Professor and Program Coordinator at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth. She is a scholar in the field of literary modernism and has published several books, chapters, and articles since beginning her doctoral program. Emily has also served on a variety of administrative committees as both a faculty member and an administrator in higher education.

Emily resides in Exeter with her husband, our high schooler (enrolled at Coastal Waters), and our rescued Pomeranian/Chihuahua. As a Waldorf parent while our child journeyed through middle school, she understands what a difference a warm, engaging, holistic, and challenging atmosphere makes for students, teachers, and families. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to return to Waldorf-based education for our teen. Emily feels fortunate to have the serendipitous opportunity to become part of the Coastal Waters community and looks forward to continuing to serve on the Board as we build a vibrant new school.


Lauren Nazzaro

Board Member

Lauren has worked in the education space for over fifteen years, both in consulting roles for nationally distributed alternative schools and state departments of education and more recently working in higher ed. Through these experiences, she’s honed expertise in instructional design for adult learners, learner experience design, lean start-up methodologies, and strategic planning.

She loves collaborating with others from diverse perspectives to create paths to scale from visionary ideas. Lauren is excited to be part of the Coastal Waters team and to help increase educational options for seacoast NH families. 

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Tristan Arthur

Board Member

Tristan is a first-generation high school and college graduate. He advocates for diversity, inclusion, and belonging and is passionate about bringing people together, supporting better outcomes, and building community.
Tristan's path to success has been non-traditional, and he's excited to support the Waldorf pedagogy. Tristan’s a successful entrepreneur and private equity strategy consultant for a global management consulting firm where he specializes in supporting corporates and investment professionals throughout the investment lifecycle. His most recent experiences focus on technology assets in the financial services and education sector, commercial real estate, CPGs, agriculture, and manufacturing. He holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an AA from Great Bay Community College. In his leisure time, he is a food and beverage storyteller, plays ultimate frisbee and dominoes, learns new musical instruments, and supports various projects to help build resilient communities.

The Board of Trustees meets every other Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. If you wish to attend the meeting please email our Board Chair, Bill Libby, at