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Where is the school located?

2 Holland Way

Exeter, NH 03833

How are special education services provided?

New Hampshire chartered public schools cooperate with each student's home district to provide services to meet determined needs.  This can include services being provided in the home district, services or accommodations that Coastal Waters provides at school, or may be contracted to an outside provider - or any combination of these in order to create the best "recipe for success".  Parents/guardians are the voice of advocacy for each child, and all district determinations of accommodations and services will be met or exceeded.  Regular IEP team meetings will be important in communicating what Coastal Waters can provide, and what will need to be done to supplement our staffing/programming. 

For example, students who require frequent movement breaks on an IEP may have that need met because of the level of whole-body engagement incorporated into each subject for the entire class.  In another example, we may not have staff trained to provide specific therapies (occupational, speech, etc), so students who were used to that in an in-school setting may find that this is done out of school, or perhaps work with a contracted professional who comes to Coastal Waters to provide the service during the school day.

The key thing to remember is that all determined needs still must be met in a chartered public school, and that this is done in cooperation with the sending district for each child.  It is our goal to maintain positive and cooperative relationships with each of the home districts of our students in order to best meet their unique needs.  If you would like to discuss the specifics of your student's situation further, we would love to hear from you.

How do you address diversity and inclusion?

Coastal Waters is not only committed to creating and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusivity, but we acknowledge that we are in a continuous process of growing and striving, which allows us to be to flexible in meeting the students and families in our community, as well as in recognizing how our actions and beliefs impact the world around us.

We are actively reaching out to underserved and underrepresented students and families in acknowledgement of challenges they currently, and historically, face in education and community.  Not only will we offer a safe and supportive place in which to learn, but diversity brings a sense of wholeness and shared values to all whom we will be fortunate to serve.

Some examples of how we will meet these goals, aside from consciousness in our recruitment and enrollment efforts, include:

1. Providing services to assist specific populations, such as translation, transportation, and support/connection groups.

2. Student-led initiatives to address need within the school community, such as Beyond Differences programming, alliance and community activism groups, and participation in student government in the older grades.

3. A commitment to diversity and social justice among our staff through hiring processes and continued conversation and training.

4. Being conscious of services we contract and businesses we support, so as to make a positive impact with our choices. 

5. Critical reflection on both our curriculum and teaching practices, in order to provide positive learning experiences for every student we serve.

We welcome community feedback, suggestions for continued ways to engage with these issues, and financial support for our programming in order to be able to provide supplementary programming and services.

Is there a cost to attend Coastal Waters?

As a chartered public school, there is no tuition to attend Coastal Waters for New Hampshire residents.  Students are welcome to apply from out-of-state, but we are required to charge tuition for this, which is determined by the annual per-student cost of attendance.  It is currently set at $8,500 per student.

We also ask that NH families make a per-student donation of $500 to help offset the difference between what we receive in state funding versus what it actually costs for a student to attend, but this in no way creates a barrier to admission - we ask that families simply contribute as they are able and in a way that is meaningful to them.

One of the biggest reasons for this voluntary fee, as well as ongoing fundraising efforts, is that New Hampshire funds its charter schools at one of the lowest rates in the US. While public school students receive an average of $15,865 in funding per year, NH charter schools receive only $7,339 per student.  In alignment with our value of equity and sustainability, we are committed to paying fair wages to our staff, as well as providing safe learning spaces and exceptional opportunities for all of our students.  We have to maintain prudent financial management with limited funding, and this is where donations and fundraising contributions become essential in helping us to achieve our goals.

If you are able to help us close this funding gap, you can click the link on the Support Us tab, or contact Simon Glascott at to send a donation by check.

Thank you for your consideration in helping us to bring this learning opportunity to the NH Seacoast community!

Vaccination Requirements

As a public school, Coastal Waters is required to follow the New Hampshire School Immunization Requirements. The requirements and supportive information are available on the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services website by clicking on this link -

What are the COVID protocols at Coastal Waters Chartered Public School?

As we plan for a school year with the potential for COVID risk and concerns, we are prioritizing in-person learning in an environment that is both safe and effective for students and staff. 

At this time, masking is voluntary and not required for attendance at school, but that is subject to change. A plan will be shared with all families prior to the start of the school year; this plan will be based on the latest recommendations from the CDC along with guidelines from the New Hampshire State Board of Education. 

COVID Attendance Guidelines

NH CDC guidelines

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