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Coastal Waters

Monthly Newsletters

CW Charter:

Original School Charter

The Alliance for Public Waldorf Education Core Principles:

Core Principles Document

NH Charter School info (numbers are slightly outdated, but still correct in process):

Charter School Myths


General Waldorf Info

Charter vs. Private:,and%20the%20training%20of%20teachers

Recent US News & World Report article:

This is a quick intro to what a Waldorf school is from a non-Waldorf perspective (so no internal bias, unfamiliar terminology, etc.)

The True Gifts of a Dyslexic Mind:

Some of the principles and styles of teaching/learning that this speaker talks about are elements that are part of a Waldorf educational approach.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention:

This is a very brief overview of the approach we use in relating to children, addressing behavior, etc.


Waldorf100: An overview of the international Waldorf movement

Special Education Services

Summary of Sped services at Coastal Waters Click below


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